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Global War in 20th Century

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  • Global War in 20th Century

    The concept of the "Double What If" borders on Alien Space Bat territory, ...but it can be useful for putting the light on historical events from a different angle. So, to start with a bit of fiction, that is no global wars on the scale of WWI & WWII occured. Wars of the 20th Century were confined to local or regional affairs. ie: The Austrian-Hungarian vs Serbian war of 1914-15, The Chaco War, a Asian/Pacific War of 1937-44, ect...

    So, having no example of a really large world wide conflict how would you answer the following question?

    >>>Alright, I know this has been done to death, but I haven't seen a thread about this in a while and I just watched a documentary about the early 20th century. It talked about imperialism and alliances and all that stuff and they kept mentioning that that period was the closest we have ever gotten to a global war.

    So, as you can probably already tell, my question is what if there had been a global war around 1920 or so? What would it have been like? What would be the result? How different would the world today be? <<<

    My take at this point is most people would logicaly reject the idea of total warfare, had it not occured un a global scale, & dismiss the idea that it would rapidly in a couple years consume civilied Europe or extend globally. A more limited sort of conflict like the Seven Years War is more likely to be accepted as the WI model for a global war.

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    New attack systems from the tank to the aircraft, to the fast battleship, brought the war to such an extent that it, encompassed most of the planet, in one way shape or form. The effects were felt far and wide.

    Without this tech, you are back to horse drawn artillery, and a much lower scope(confined) action. Similiar to say what Napoleon, was able to do with his Grand Armee, it is stuck.

    Global war by 1920, no makes the larger outbreak possible. Without it, not a chance.
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      Originally posted by Hetzer 15 View Post
      Global war by 1920, no makes the larger outbreak possible. Without it, not a chance.
      So you are saying the folks who WI a global war developing out of the Morrocan crisis of 1905, the Balkan Wars of 1912-1913, the Austrian/Hungarian- Serbian war of 1914-15, ect... are strictly fantasists? Technically the jury is still out my corner, but given the ability of the European nations to defuse each diplomatic crisis I have difficulty seeing how such a war could develop.


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