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World War III--Soviets invade Iran in 1985--Feedback requested

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    Hmm actually Russia could pull this off. They just have to keep enough in Europe to prevent a NATO attack. which we know NATO is not going to have the ability to do.

    Sadam will roll up some of the problem areas so Russia will not have to garrison all of Iran.

    And Finally would the US intervene more than to keep Russia off the straights of Hormuz. It going to be a long hard political fight to get the US to help Iran in 85.

    Also the does the US want to conduct an amphib Operation because it going to take a few weeks to get more than some air power and naval power to the area. Russia should probally have things wrapped up within a month as far as large scale military operations.


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      My first thought is; damm that would prevent my end of contract discharge from active service in December 1985. Depending on exactly when tis invasion occurs I'd either have been with the 3rd Marine Div on Okinawa, or at the Staff NCO Academy in Virginia.


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