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WW2 can Britian defeat the Axis alone.

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    Originally posted by Marmat View Post
    ... nothing scanned or pasted. I took on Lend Lease, war production, raw materials etc. a long time ago, this is from maybe a dozen posts dealing primarily with an isolationist US, they're at least 10 years old. I own the books/sources, think I can still pick out what came from where.

    Hey, I'm an old guy, been on boards like this since 1997.
    Mid 50's is punk young from where I sit.
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      Damn... Because of Marmat im going to wear glasses...
      "Give me 100 000 croatian soldiers and I will conqure all world" - Napoleon Bonaparte

      Soldiers are coming and leaving while war will never end.


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        Originally posted by Half Pint John View Post


        Care to explain where and how. The UK had only about 10.2% of war-making potential. France only 4%, Germany 14.2%, Russia 14%, Japan 3.5% and Italy 2.5%

        Ref "The Rise and Fall of the Great Powers"

        I don't know when Japan came into play but if your now saying that the UK/CW could defeat the Germans, send LL to Russia and then defeat Japan has no sound bases other than runaway patriotism/nationalism, and that is never sound.
        Especially considering the UK was on the verge of complete bankruptcy by late 1940.
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          Yep, ...

          Originally posted by Half Pint John View Post
          Mid 50's is punk young from where I sit.
          ... I confess, I was a punk, but in Board Years I'm 99 over several lives - that's decrepit.
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