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The day after 9/11

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    Originally posted by Tiberius Duval View Post
    Nuked Mecca, Medina, Riadh and so on. And then told remaining muslims that if they even dare to sneeze, nuke therapy will continue. Terror bombing for payback to terrorism.
    By God you are right ! here is my list of targets on the second wave
    we will show those rag heads !


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      Originally posted by Andy H View Post
      Do those words of wisdom just apply to Muslims in Muslim countries, or also to Muslim friends, neighbours and colleagues that live amongst us
      Also I'm not aware of any weapon or weapons system that can just target a specific religion or belief. So I suppose you nuking several cities that may contain hundreds or thousands of non-Muslims is just the price your willing to dole out, unless of course it was your non Muslim friends & family about to be nuked.
      I don't like muslims, I don't like islam, OP was what would you have done in situation like that. I was perfectly honest that would have been my kneejerk reaction if I was sitting in place of G.W Bush. Of course I have quite many rational reasons for that suggestion too. First, Islam has been implacable enemy of west or christendom if you like since it was born. Secondly, OBL, talibans and so on do not represent "fringe" islam, but that religion in form as its prophet meant. So called moderate muslims are heretics, not talibans, wahhabis or al-qaida guys. Just look what Mohammed did and how he worked. They perceive they are war with west, my solution to that problem is that we should have given them REAL war, in WW2 style without any regard of civilian casualties on their side. Or as little regard on their civilian casualties as UK and US gave to German&Japanese civilian casualties, but with everything modern technology allows.

      Think what you want problems with islam do not end before either west has utterly lost, or islam as it is currently known is eradicated. I'm not politically correct man, I see things how they are. Not how I want them to be.


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        Originally posted by T. A. Gardner View Post
        Another thread got me thinking. What would you as President done the day of and the day after 9/11?
        I don't think I would have done anything different. The only different thing I would have done the last 10 years would have NOT invaded Iraq, but focus on Afghanistan/Pakistan/Saudi Arabia. Perhaps a nicely worded memo to the Saudi King that we can come and take his oil any time he feels his cousins need to funnel money to terrorists.


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          ^ Encourage dissident liberals in KSA dethrone the saudis, encourage civil wars in middle east and keep the muslims involved in their own issues so they dont worry about the West.


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