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EiA - The Strategic Map

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  • EiA - The Strategic Map

    Here is the basic Strategic map.

    Click on the map to zoom in.

    This is a more up to date map but it lacks the numbers in each area

    Also note that Nice (Savoy) on the coast does not exist and the border near Chechnya is slightly different.

    <Thanks to DoD for the new map find>

    This is the best I could do by importing here but it will help if the link ever goes down.

    Note that there are some changes to south east Russia, Flanders, Germany and northern Italy in the computer version of the game. I will post screen shots of those changes and descibe them a bit so they are clear. Note the map above has numbered zones. These will be important in planning moves where name locations do not exist.

    Flanders and Southern Germany -

    Flanders is now Flanders,, Liege and Luxembourg.
    Baden is now Baden and Breisgau
    Wurtemburg is now Wurtemburg and Swabia

    Northern Germany -

    Duchies is now Ansbach, Wurzburg and Thuringia
    Hesse is now Hesse and Gottingen
    Hanover is now Hanover, Munster and Oldenburg
    Southern Denmark is now Holstein and Hamburg
    Mecklenburg is now Swedish Pommerania and Mecklenburg

    Northern Italy -

    Piedmont is now Genoa and Piedmont
    Lombardy is now Parma and Lombardy
    Romagna is now Modena and Romangna

    Georgia, Russia

    Georgia is now Georgia, Circassia and Chechnya

    Note that Nemirov on the Russp-Turkish border near Bessarabia has ben changed to Kamnetz and moved over one area

    The maps will be used for your planning and negotiating but this thread will remain closed. Discussion can take place in the open thread until the "Diplomacy Thread" is opened.

    Note there are a few minor changes elsewhere (a moved city, reshaped area, etc) but they not overly dangerous and if they might have an impact the players will recive a map view posting noting the changes.

    For example, Persia has been carved off a narrow strip along the map each from Armenia in Turkey. A small portion of the state in the game is poor in forage and money/manpower.

    Stay tuned.
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    Combat Tactics and battle tables

    This link shows the tactical chits choices for attacker and defender and they work together to resolve field battles involving at least one corps per side.

    For example,
    - two evenly matched forces of two corps each with equal numbers meet in battle in open ground. Both sides have 20I and 4C for 24 factors.

    - the moral of each sides inf is 3 and that of the cav is 4. The average morale for the army is calculated by adding (20*3)+(4*4)/24 = 3.17 morale for each army.

    - both sides will have assigned a 'tactic' in their orders for their various armies. In this case the attacker chose "Assault" while the defender, fearing the dreaded 'outflank', chose 'cordon'.

    - cross referencing the choices the numbers will generate three rounds of battle for the first "day" (3 days max to each battle).
    4-1 vs 2-1
    4-3 vs 2-1
    4-1 vs 3-1

    - in round one the attack rolls a 3 om the 4-1 table resulting a 10%/.7 effect. This means the defender will lose 10% of the attacker's str or 2.4 factors and his army's morale drops by 0.7 Losses are applied after both sides "shoot".

    - the defender now shoots back on the 2-1 table and gets lucky with 6, resulting in a 10%/1.1 effect. The attacker also loses 2.4 factors and 1.1 morale from his army.

    - losses are now applied with both sides losing 2 inf (.4 factor being rounded down). The attacker's morale is now 2.07 to the defender's 2.47

    - on round 2 the attacker has bad luck and gets a 1, resulting in a 5%/1.0 result. The defender will lose 1.1 factors and 1.0 morale.

    - the defender again shoots back and rolls a 5 on the 2-1 table, generating a 5%/.8 result. The attacker loses 1.1 factors and .8 morale.

    - losses are applied at 1.1 round down each army. The attacker's morale drops 2.07 - .8 = 1.27 and the defender's morale drops 2.47 - 1.0 = 1.47.

    - On the third round the attacker does better and rolls a 6, generating 15%/1.9 result. The defender will lose 20 x .15 = 3 factors and 1.9 morale

    - the defender's luck abandons him and he roles a 3 on the 3-1 table, generating 5%/.5 result. The attacker will lose 20 x .05 = 1 factor and .5 morale.

    - losses are again applied and the defender's strength falls to 15 but his moral breaks (1.47-1.9 = -.43). Since he broke one loss must come from his cavalry so he loses 2 I and 1 C for a total of 5I and 1C thus far.

    The attacker loses 1 more I factor reducing his army to 16I and 4C his moral did not break (1.27 - .5 = .77)

    - The pursuit table is now checked to see what pursuit class will be used. The attacker lost 2.4 morale in 3 rounds so he uses Pursuit Class 2 and rolls a 6 generating 30% casualties. The attacker only counts his cavalry for pursuits so this will generate 4 * .30 = 1.2 factors FRD to 1 factor. The defender has the choice to lose 1C or 3I or 9M depending on the make up of his army. The defender elects to lose another cavalry, bringing his total losses to 5I and 2C vs the attackers 4I.

    At the end of this battle the attacker has 16I and 4C the defender has 15I and 2C.

    - If after 3 rounds neither side breaks and both decide to stay for another day, both armies recover all but .5 morale and would draw new chits and repeat the above process for the next day of battle.

    Thankfully this is all calculated by the computer instantly to save time.
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      Three Charts with game information of interest -

      Political Point Chart - shows the +/- in Pol Pts for various actions in the game

      Minor Country Status Chart - shows the strength of the corps and fleets or garrisons that can be raised when "Free State" status is awarded after conquest

      Minor Country Chart:

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      The Purist

      Words ought to be a little wild, for they are the assault of thoughts on the unthinking - John Maynard Keynes.


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