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  • Poland-Lithuania

    Do you think that if Poland-Lithuania was not weakened by the Cossack rebellion amongst other things, it could have stayed as a stable state and if so do you think that it could have repelled Russia? If so do you think Russia would have continued to batter the border of P-L or do you think it would have made a peace treaty with P-L and put all its efforts in expanding eastwards?

    In my opinion the state would have been able to fend off Russia and also take some land from Russia and the Ottoman Empire but dynastic changes and the state of the economy would mean, in my opinion, that it would gradually weaken but stay as a country in its own right at least untill the 19th century and Napoleon's invasion of Europe.

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    P-L was a formidable nation, its administration, industry, education system, navy and army were far more sophisticated than those of Russia. Its only misfortune was being between Austria, Prussia and Russia, three aggressive giants, with none of which it made lasting alliances. Had it been a better diplomat and treated Ukrania better, it could have expanded considerably, since Russia had far too much land for its population (too low a population density) and very deficient education and administration. Surprisingly, Russia would have also benefitted considerably from a wealthy and educated neighbor and from having to defend and control less land.


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