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    What if ( for once ) the British honored their promise to the Kurds and carved out a Kurdish state after WW1 ?

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    Originally posted by nastle View Post
    What if ( for once ) the British honored their promise to the Kurds and carved out a Kurdish state after WW1 ?
    One supposes it would be another British mandate, although the French would try hard to link it with their own, Syria. Naturally the Turks wouldn't be happy about it, and since it's unlikely that the Kurdish mandate would actually include all Kurds, it would become a hiding place for Kurdish guerrillas in the bordering areas under other countries' sovereignty.
    After the discovery of the Mosul oil, it would become even more of a bone of contention, with France, Turkey, maybe the SU and maybe Persia (depending on how you imagine the borders' layout) vying for influence against Britain.


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      What kind of a country will Kurdistan likely be
      leftist , right wing dictatorship ? or democracy
      How will it deal with so many external enemies ? Turkey , Iran , Syria , Iraq ?
      its relations with Israel ? esp since both have arabs as common enemies
      What other allies can they count on ? if Turkey and Iran are in the CENTO and its major opponents, then its alliance with USSR makes sense.
      If Kurdistan is created , then does it make any sense to keep Iraq intact ? or make the whole region of Syria and Iraq a series of city states which are semi-independent with no central authority.Historically this makes sense since these people at that time have more tribal than national identities
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        Since Iraq didn't exist until it was created after WWI it wouldn't be a matter of "keeping" it in existence. Logically (and ethnically) it would make more sense to have a Kurdistan and a protectorate of the rest of "Iraq" and Kuwait. A big problem would be the drive of the Kurdish state to get Iranian Kurds in their state. I don't know much of Iranian Kurdish sympathies but might they prefer to remain in a Persia/Iran as opposed to being in a landlocked state bordered by large unfriendly neighbors (U.S.S.R., Turkey, Iran, the French, British).

        The number of smallish ethnicities in the area with historical claims to independence is tragic and long. Armenians, Georgians, Azerbajan, etc.


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          A Kurdistan SSR might be another option if lets say in the 20s USSR attacks and carves it out of turkey and northern Iraq while turks are busy fighting the greeks


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