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  • Favorite turnings points

    What are your favorite turning points, where a decision or act may have tilted history as we know it on its head?

    Italian Declaration of Neutrality July 31, 1914, Munich 1938, Treaty of Versailles?

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    At the top of my head these

    1.Battle of Gettysburg and Gettysburg Address.Both of these changed from what United States was to what it is now.
    2. Battle of San Juan Hill. Started the US to be a World Power.
    3. The Fall of the Berlin Wall
    4. Collapse of the USSR equal the end of the Cold War.
    5. Egypt-Israel peace treaty
    6. 9-11
    7. The Civil Rights Act
    8. 19th Amendment to the Constitution


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      1242 Vienna. The Mongols halt their invasion of Europe on the death of Ogedei Khan. Europe and Western culture are saved.


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        August 4th, 1914.
        "I dogmatise and am contradicted, and in this conflict of opinions and sentiments I find delight".
        Samuel Johnson.


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          As one of those people who believes turning points don't really occur as such but sometimes are symptomatic of wider contextual change brought about by gradual changes in many areas, it's a tough one to answer. Every thing has an effect to varying magnitude however, but in many things this applies more to when or how rather than if. For example, had the sanctions not been imposed on Rhodesia, would she have seen the end of the century anyway? probably not, it would take more efforts.
          Without certain acts, I believe, some things would have come to action anyway, such as American involvement in the World Wars. Confederate victory at Gettysburg, provided Lee had not lost too many men and was able to march on Washington...possibly... but it's harder to conceive, as is the opening of another front at Gallipoli.
          John Colomb's decision to become a Member of Parliament,thus highlighting Imperial Defence in the popular mind, could be one, but then someone else may've done it a little later. Things like that. It's a hard question to answer...
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