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Francisco Franco loses the Spanish Civil War

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    Originally posted by Yankee View Post
    Can Some one tell me the strenght of the Spanish Navy at that time ? And could they be of help to ,let us say the USN in the Pacific after the attack on Pearl Harbor ? And could the Spanish send some quick strike force to assit the USMC also ?
    I think that the Spanish had something like a half dozen cruisers and two dozen destroyers. So, no, they would likely have been no real help in the Pacific. Their best use would probably have been in helping escort Atlantic and Mediterranean convoys.
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      Assuming Spain remains nuetral through 1941, would the US sell or give any aircraft or other weapons to Spain? What about a nuetral Spain of 1942-43?


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        Originally posted by Redwolf View Post
        The Germans would still have to either cross the Pyrenees or use an amphibious operation.

        They could commit enough resources to make it work, but would they draw these resources away from something else?

        I think they would only invade a communist Spain if they were certain that the Western Allies would do it otherwise. But that early in the war I don't see those in a shape to do it either.
        Well as the war progressed the Republicans did become more dominated by the communist elements (and more in debt to the Soviets). Hitler might try to invade Spain early before Barbarossa, both for ideological and strategic reasons. He might also see it as a test of Barbarossa by seeing how the Soviets react to an attack on an "ally".

        But with more German units tied down defending Western Europe that leaves less available for Barbarossa, and potentially another Norway Germany has to defend from "invasion".


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          If Hitler invades Spain, Britain is more or less obliged to invade Portugal, though with what is anyone's guess. However, the Spanish economy post the civil war was a basket case and heavily reliant on imports, especially of grain. Hitler does not want nor need another 20-30 million people syphoning food away from the Third Reich. It's a no brainer - he leaves it for Mussolini to get embroiled in.


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