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1944 Wehrmacht vs 1850 USA

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    Originally posted by niikeb View Post
    Agreed that some of these man vs bear with lazers are pretty silly. It is more logical to compare armies that could have met such as Longbows vs Mongols, or 1865 us vs 1865 britain etc...
    Oh lord no. Please no. The Hughes Table of Internet evidence was first conceived while reading through a UK vs US in the 1860's thread.

    It never goes pleasantly. Although most do begin that way they all seem to end in the sort of nationalistic rants and truely dodgy research that the Internet is famed for. Every single angle of research is called upon from the competitive qualities of US vs UK armour plate to the amount and sources of saltpetre the US needs. Forget, the Monitor, you have not lived unroll you have been obliged to read thirty posts on the quality of bat crap in the 1860,s

    It ends normally in an utter stalemate with the US side berating the British for being arrogant in not accepting the inevitable triumph of the unstoppable American war machine and with the Brits berating the US for pretty much the same.

    In between any one else with even the faintest intrest in it has been bullied off the thread or just got fed up of being shouted down by the " patriots " on bothsides.

    I have never seen a thread like that end happily. ( and what ever you do don't mention Sealion. I did once but I think I got away with it)
    "Sometimes its better to light a flamethrower than to curse the darkness" T Pratchett


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