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    If, for whatever reason, the atomic bombs had not been dropped on Japan, we know in great detail, what US plans were. However, absent the Japanese surrender in mid-August 1945, how far might the USSR's offensive in East Asia, which began on 9 August, have gone?

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    The answer to that lies in the logistics capability of the Soviet far eastern military. How fast could they restore the Manchurian railroads to full capacity, how far that capacity would go to supply the Red Army formations, if any alternate methods were available, such as cargo ship along the coast. It appears the initial strategic objectives were first to advance to the Manchuria/China border & secure Korea. That was a tall task but the Red Army seems to have been well prepared & was over halfway to it in a couple weeks.

    Continuing south into China was probably practical on a small scale. but its not clear to me if it would have required establsihing a new logisitcs structure in south Manchuria for a large scale advance.


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      Korea does seem to have been their objective beyond Manchuria. I believe they effected some landings on the coast there. However, US forces landed in the south in September which precluded any attempt to control the entire peninsula by the USSR. I am not certain at what point it was agreed to delineate the respective zones at the 38th parallel. If the Russians knew the south was to be occupied by the US, that may have influenced their movements. However, without a Japanese surrender, Korea would have been open to them. The Japanese had an army there but I am not sure of its condition They might have been able to hold off the Red Army for a time but reinforcements from Japan might not be available especially after the expected US landings in Kyoto in November. Has any research in this area turned up information about Moscow's broader strategy in the east?


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