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Mutiny in Egyptian army 1981

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  • Mutiny in Egyptian army 1981

    A much bigger conspiracy to get rid of sadat than actually was in 1981
    many top military officals involved trying to bring a radical moslem state into existence as the shiites did in iran just recently

    after assasination , many units of the army in a pre-planned move attack the army and airforce head quarters and try to assasinate other top generals
    But the loyalists fight back and the country is involved in a civil war ...
    Isreal seeing that a radical moslem egypt will be a nightmare offers to fly in assistence to the loyalists, isreali army is on high alert but the egyptian armed forces implode as the rebel units and the moslem militias backed a certain amount of popular support proved a very tenacious foe.Libya and Syria seeing their chance to overthrow the pro-western egyptian govt. help the radicals with the backing of USSR who has a score to settle with the present egyptian govt.
    Rebels will likely get hold of only the lighter arms and maybe some armored units and artillery. Airforce I think will still be largely loyal to the govt apart from individual pilots who may defect having to face the prospect of firing on their fellow moslems.No doubt the rebels will be supplied by a huge amount of arms via soviet client states, large number of them SAMs to deal with EAF.
    What is the likely outcome? will the loyalists gain control or a revolution?

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    I changed my stance a little on this

    Dilemma for the soviet bloc
    Support the islamist against Saddat a pro-US leader ? or let them slug it out and weaken each other ?

    WHat will the US do ?

    Libya is anti-Saddat and sunni

    While Syria is anti-Saddat but ALawi and anti-islamist


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