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  • Blood Upon The Snow DVD

    I had bought Soviet Storm DVD, which was interesting but very biaised in the Red Army's favour.

    Blood Upon The Snow is far superior imho, and compliments the World at War admirably. It's not perfect on some details, but gives an excellent overview of the Eastern Front, even better than the WAW episodes on the Great Patriotic War. Its first two episodes even details the Soviet Union before WW2.
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    Nick I've had "Blood Upon The Snow" for 8 years now. Great documentary that I watch once every year since I bought it. And yes it does begin with the Russian revolution and Lenin's rise to power. Covers everything well from 1920 - 1955.

    If you like war documentaries another really good one is the Ken Burns "The Vietnam War" and a short 90 minute doc I have by Brian Iglesias titled "Chosin"

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      Then there's 'Fire and Ice" ,a Finnish take on cold weather conflict.
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