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Red Army Rifle Company numering system

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  • Red Army Rifle Company numering system

    I've been trying to clarify what system was used by the Red Army in identifying the Companies within a Rifle Regiment. The sysyems used by the German Army (Companies numbered consecutively through the Regiment, starting with the Battalions and then on to include any Regimental level Companies) and the US Army (lettered A onwards, though skipping J, through the Battalions only) are well known. Establishing what the Red Army used though has proven much harder. So was it;

    Rifle Battalions numbered as 1st to 3rd
    Rifle Companies numbered consecutively through the Regiment, so 1-3 in 1st Bn, 4-6 in 2nd Bn and 7-9 in 3rd Bn, or
    Rifle Companies numbered 1-3 within each Bn?
    And were the MG and Mortar Companies of the Battalions included in any numbering system?

    And within the parent Rifle Regiment, was there any numbering applied to the slew of Regimental level Companies (Signal, Anti-tank Rifle, SMG, 45-mm Atk gun, 76-mm Inf gun, 120-mm mortar)? Guards Rifle Regts eventually had two SMG Companies, so would they be numbered as 1 and 2?

    Any thoughts anyone?



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    Rifle companies 1 through 9
    Mortar companies 1 through 3
    Machine gun companies 1 through 3
    Others identified by name. So 1st rifle battalion with rifle companies 1-3, 1st machine gun company, 1st mortar company.


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      Thanks very much for the clarification,



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