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  • Leslie Hore-Belisha

    A friend referred me to a journal article - The Downfall of Leslie Hore-Belisha by AJ Trythall. I haven't obtained it yet. Any reviews?

    Any thoughts on this politician? I know some basics about him (mostly from Bond's chapter in Politicians and Defence), but not enough to form a strong opinion.

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    all I know is he belonged to the (politically) not very important National Liberals;he introduced the pedestrian crossing and the Belisha beacon;he was also a supporter of appeasement;his downfall:he was foolish enough (or brave?) to cross swords with general the viscount Gort VC and the military establishment by his plans to reform the army and by involving in operational issues of the BEF;a civilian and a Jew involving in military things was not liked by the brass.Logically,Chamberlain,not wanting to start the war with a revolt of the military (supported by the King) fired Belisha.


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