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    I had the opportunity to read his war autobiography recently. I know he has passed away, but was curious if any of you had ever met or corresponded with. He sounded like he was a very interesting person. Does anyone know if his memoirs were embellished (I'd be looking for corroborating or countering memoirs accounts - including source)
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    Everything that I have read about him tends to make his memoirs understated if anything. Truly a great commander.
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      I read his ''Panzer Commander'' a while back and found it excellent.

      I especially liked his recounting of his time as a POW of the Russians.

      Did he embelish his story? Maybe a bit but no more than anyone would, after all he was working from memory and recalling events that took place in the heat of battle as often as not.

      As he didn't make any fantastic claims in his memoir I think it should be considered accurate enough under the circumstances.


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