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Air Chief Marshall Sir Harry Broadhurst

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  • Air Chief Marshall Sir Harry Broadhurst

    Air Chief Marshall Sir Harry Broadhurst

    Historian Carlo D'Este takes a look at the career of this little known pioneer airman and a fighter ace during the Battle of Britain.

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    A great article about one of the Raff's finest.
    Here's another 'Broady' tale from Alex Henshaw who flew the very first experimental Spitfire IX to the Station commanded by Harry Broadhurst. Broady's Wing of Spits had just taken off on a sweep when Henshaw arrived and was browbeaten into letting the Station Commander heve a flip in the new aircraft. Henshaw was drinking tea in the Ops room when a new plot came up, overhauling the Spit Wing at great speed and height. The plot was relayed to the Spits and the comments heard over the tannoy went.

    "What's that aircraft up there traveling so fast Johnny?"

    "Don't know Skip, it's no aircraft, at that height it must be a bleedin' angel!"

    These observations caused a bit of consternation in the Ops room, till Henshaw coughed and admitted.

    "I believe that is your Station Commander in a new and highly secret aircraft of which that's the only one!"

    Battle was joined and the Spits came scooting back over the Channel to land. Broady was one of the last in. He climbed from the cockpit with a big smile for a worried Henshaw who'd hurried out to meet him.

    "Bloody great kite Alex, get as many out to the Squadrons as fast as you can, it's just what we need to deal with the 190s.... you could have told me the guns weren't loaded!"
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