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    I am currently reading a book entitled Churchill's secret agent a trued story about Max ciampoli. It is incredible the stuff that he was involved in. All sort of covert operation behind enemy lines, smuggling out 3000 Jewish children. Smuggling out the enigma machine out of vienna ect. If fact it could be too good to be true. So i am wondering if any of the history buuf like my self have heard about this guy and can vouch that what he said if true.

    Based on Max Ciampoli's own experiences, this novel tells the astounding story of a 17-year-old Frenchman taken in by Winston Churchill in the first days of WWII. His godfather sent him off to Churchill's country estate, where he is treated like a prince of the realm, and then shipped to a special forces training camp to learn the spy game. The fictionalized Ciampoli resembles a superspy, alternating between dashing off to war zones and lounging around Churchill's home. He knows virtually everyone in France and Italy and moves about with impunity, coming to the rescue of partisans and Jewish children, blowing things up, and generally saving the world. Perhaps appropriately, as the author is a chef, the most memorable details here refer to meals. This somewhat disjointed "novel based on a true story" is a handy diversion.

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    I read that book also. It was very impressive if it is what really happened. If anyone knows how accurate the book is I would like to know also.

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      Some interviews on Youtube.

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