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    The Germen persecution of the Jews is well known, however in France it was mainly the French Police who rounded up the Jews. One of the most imfamous round ups was on 16 July 1942, when 9,000 French Police took part in the arrest of 13,152 people. For the first time women and children were included and many were sent to the Vel d'Hiv cycling stadium. Conditions were atrocious with few latrines, little water and medicial aid. Several people committed suicude in the filthy condidtions of that stadium. It was the French Police who were even more insistent that they both quickly deported to the East (and their deaths) than the Germens.

    When Amercian Quakers complained to Laval the Vichy French Prime Minister, he replied 'the population of Hebrew stock has reached an excessive proportion and form a manifestly dangerous element'.
    War is less costly than servitude

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