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A New Look at the Dieppe Raid

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  • A New Look at the Dieppe Raid

    O’Keefe’s research began with the discovery of a single document connecting the existence of a special British intelligence unit and the Dieppe Raid. 78 years later the real objective comes out. the raid was to capture the new enigma machine with 4 rotors and associated prefixes etc.

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    And that’s when I discovered this particular document that had been written – it was basically an in house history – a very short book about a unit called the 30th assault unit. But this was a particular unit that was raised to pinch or steal material that the cryptographers at Bletchley park who decoded the material would need.”

    “In the fourth paragraph there was a line that really caught my attention. The party at Dieppe did not reach its objectives. Now I was absolutely stunned because here was the first time that I ever had the document in my hand that directly connected Ultra....
    Interesting, thanks.

    Footnote: In Nicholas Rankins book Ian Fleming's Commandos, and later in a programme titled Dieppe Uncovered screened on the 19th August 2012, documents would appear to reveal that in fact an Intelligence Assault Unit was formed for the Dieppe Raid (19th August 1942) by Commander Ian Fleming RN and operated covertly on the raid as a Platoon of 40RM Commando under Lt H.O Huntingdon-Whitely (promoted Acting Captain on I5th Oct. 1942), their role to "pinch" signals intelligence documents, etc. from German Naval HQ at Dieppe. They did not achieve their objective.

    One of the documents discovered is titled "History of SigInt (Signals Intelligence) operations undertaken by 30 Commando, 30 AU", and in para 4 of that document it states " the party at Dieppe did not achieve their objectives".
    Lt. H.O. Huntingdon-Whiteley is here btw :

    We have an Image of a Signals Intelligence Unit [view] formed for the raid at Dieppe. It operated covertly on on this raid as a platoon of 40RM Commando. On that image he is named as a Lieutenant and commander of the unit and the image is annotated that he was later KIA. The unit was 10 Platoon 'X' Company [more...] under the command of Lieutenant H.O. Huntington-Whiteley , their role to acquire signals intelligence documents from German Naval HQ at Dieppe.
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      What a terribly expensive failure.
      Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes? Who is watching the watchers?


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        In his book, Winning the Radar War, Jack Nissen he says it was, in part, to capture components of a Freya radar a task he was assigned as a radar "expert." He was also one of the few, possibly only, RAF personnel assigned to the raid.


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