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Battle of Prokhorovka on 12 July 1943

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    Originally posted by Artyom_A View Post
    There is also this book available for free:
    Which is mostly a compilation heavily relying on previously published works.
    He uses only secondary sources, therefore the author can only offer a different interpretation on sources used in the previously published works and/or render opinions on alternative actions/decisions for the historical commanders which he does in his conclusion. Probably good overview book for someone looking for a good general read of the battle. Book has good schematics of the battles.
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      Checked the author's background. His bio on amazon noted he is an avid reader and history buff. After his college degree, he began a managerial career in automotive industry. He wrote a previous book, "Race to Bastogne". His Bastogne book has a 3-star rating and Prokhorovka 3.5 star.
      Leadership is the ability to rise above conventional wisdom.


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        For a completely different take on the battle of Prokhorovka follow the link:

        Prokhorovka: The world's greatest tank battle. It never happened!
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          Why is it that nothing from this thread turns up in an search?

          For example, searching for Prokhorovka does not bring up this thread.


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            Sure it does, here :


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            Could it be you need a minimum # of posts to use the search function ? Best check with a mod.
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