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Valentine with auto loader.

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  • Valentine with auto loader.

    Into the Vally has an interesting point on the Valentine tank. Although it originally only had a 2 man turret, the loader was not needed as the main gun was supposed to be an auto 40mm.

    A Vickers 40mm weapon was developed for the Hurricane IID.
    Would this have been a suitable weapon for a tank in the early part of the war? ckers-40mm-qsq-gun&catid=44:gunsrockets&Itemid=60

    A late war option with the littlejohn adaptor is discussed here:
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    57mm Molins Gun!

    Going up a level in power how about a 57mm Molins Gun as used on some British Torpedo and Gun boats and the Mosquito Fighter Bombers?

    Probably wouldn't have fitted into early war tanks but should have fitted into latter tanks.

    The 57mm could deal pretty well with most of the German armor up to the Pz.Kpfw. IV.
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      I doubt that the Vickers gun would have worked well in a tank. First, you have the problem of that huge ammunition drum on top of the gun. That will limit depression and probably not fit in any existing turret design. You might fit the gun in upside down but that will have issues too with both elevation and reloading the drum when it empties.

      Where would you store additional drums? Most of the ammunition is stored in very tight, form fitting bins distributed around the bottom of the turret. As you can see from the picture below there isn't a whole lot of room left over after you put the 2 pdr and two guys in a Valentine turret....
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