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    Originally posted by The Land View Post
    The Panther was a medium tank. The Tiger was a heavy tank.

    The Tiger was to equip specialist Heavy tank battalions which would be committed from the operational reserve at decisive moments, in particular as part of a combined arms operation to breach difficult enemy defenses, or to defeat an enemy armoured formation.

    The Panther was intended as a replacement for the PzIV equipping the tank battalions of the Panzer divisions, expected to fulfill a greater variety of missions, deal with the bulk of work against enemy armour, and exhibit a high level of operational mobility.

    Thus, the Tiger was designed with less emphasis on mobility and more emphasis on firepower and all-round protection. The Panther was lighter, faster, and relied on frontal protection with very weak side armour.

    This is my understanding at least, I am no tank expert.
    Your understanding is pretty much correct.

    The Panther was intended to be the 'bread-and-butter' medium, replacing the PzKpfw III and IV in that role.

    The Tiger was intended as a 'premium quality' heavy breakthrough tank, never to be built in anything but small numbers. As such, no expense was spared.

    As we know, outcomes did not exactly reflect the intentions but then neither did the outcome of the war itself.
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      Sorry to bring back an old thread but I just gotta add my two cents.

      I personally am a big fan of the Tiger (and the Panther but I like the Tiger more). The reality is that both of these panzers were designed to fill totally different roles.

      The Pzkpfw IV Tiger was designed with the intention of being a specialized breakthrough tank. Heavy armor and firepower at the spearhead of a panzerkeil formation to crush through defenses and destroy huge numbers of tanks. It was basically when you get right down to it a "super-Panzer IV" if you look at reports Allied troops often mistook Panzer IVs for Tigers.

      Now we get to the Pzkpfw V Panther. It took a lot from the T-34 and was improved on it. It was balanced in speed, armor and firepower. It was supposed to replace the Panzer IV at some point as the medium tank of the Wehrmacht. roughly 6,000 Panthers were produced compared to about 1,500 Tigers.

      Now this comparison has been made a few times in this thread already but what is important to point out is that the role shifted from breakthrough to defensive and both tanks filed more or less the same role more often than not.


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        I think it is very easy to compare the roles of two machines even if those rolls were different. For examplee; compare the WWII combat perforrmance of the Brewster Buffalo to that of the B-17.

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