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Is the KwK 36 an overrated gun for the era?

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    Originally posted by T. A. Gardner View Post

    I did separate research on Jadgpanther abteilungs. For the most part I reviewed histories of various battles from mid '44 on looking for accounts of these vehicles in action. Few battalions were ever at full strength. Most end up with a mix of Jadgpanthers and other jadgpanzer. I'll see if I can dig that out. The majority of them went to the West. There were some in the East, particularly after the Soviet summer offensives, but you really don't see them there prior to that.

    Jadgpanzer abt. 654 (the second battalion of Elefant at Kursk) was converted to Jadgpanthers in late 1943 handing their Elefant to S. PzJr abt 653 and fought from Normandy on in the West for example. Most of the jadgpanther units rarely had more than about 12 to 18 vehicles available.

    The two books identified have information the Jagpanther while the core of the 650 page (text over 200 JJF sized pages ~ 9 x 12 inch) unit history has 3 war diaries that are the meat of the text. They cover its service on the Western Front along with veterans essays.
    Zhitomir-Berdichev, West of Kiev: 24 Dec 1943-31 Jan 1944
    Stalin's Favorite: The Combat History of the 2nd Guards Tank Army
    Barbarossa Derailed I & II
    Battle of Kalinin October 1941


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