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  • Interesting Propaganda Video

    Thought this YouTube video was interesting, especially since the Germans put a Lee up against a Panther -- a very unequal match! (I almost felt sorry for the Lee!).

    The commentary is in German.

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    Yeah I posted that vid' ages ago, but it's aways cool to watch!

    One section of the film gives you a good example of the Panther's suspension setup while at speed across rough terrain.

    The Lee did a good job in Africa against the Germans, high silhouette but very reliable for the task at hand, till the Sherman came available later in the war.
    "In modern war... you will die like a dog for no good reason."
    Ernest Hemingway.

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      great post Catholic old boy, such inspiring music as well........... do have to wonder how fair the germans were with this test, perhaps a late model Sherman against a Panther would be more accurate...


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