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Leichttraktor the Father of the Panzer

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  • Leichttraktor the Father of the Panzer

    This funny little tank was one of the early German attempts at designing a modern panzer with a rotating turret. Found some good photos:

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    Biafra, later 1960's

    built around cat crawler tractors......
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      Excellent. I have a certain fondness for this tank having been blown to bits in it several times in Tank Blitz. Great to see pics of the real thing.
      Ne Obliviscaris, Sans Peur


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        Everyone has to start somewhere.
        How did it compare to other tanks of the 1920s?


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          Originally posted by The Exorcist View Post
          Everyone has to start somewhere.
          How did it compare to other tanks of the 1920s?
          Well made, quality tooling and materials. Design of the chassis & turret about average, some good features and some bad. It does have both a cannon and a MG.

          Also completely illegal under the Versailles treaty.


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            Good photos, the one with the side armour is the Rheinmetall-Borsig Leichte Traktor – Versuchskonstruktion (VK) 31. Top one must be the Krupp version.
            Probably on par with other late 1920s tanks, like the Vickers 6-ton & its derivatives.


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