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  • Some oddballs!

    T34, in German service, main gun removed & replaced with loud speakers?

    Panzer III with the same equipment?
    I've never seen anything like these before.


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    Hi greetings from Germany,
    concerning the first two pictures i assume you are right, speakers for propaganda or disturbing noises.
    The third picture shows the Hull/Body, if it is the right word of a
    Pzkpfw V/VI "Neubaufahrzeug".
    A early attemp to build a heavy tank similar to T35 and CharB1 but only about 10 were buildt. Thin steel of low quality was used for the ten prototypes and they all suffered from the "Multiturret-Syndrom", that means they had 2 or 3 turrets with machineguns and cannons ranging from 3,7cm to 10,5mm (no 88).
    No more were buildt, because the wehrmacht took cheaper light and mediums to fill up the ranks.
    The ca. 10 produced saw little action. Three or four were used in Norway, were it became obvious, that even the french very light AT-gun 25mm was able to knock this giants out and so they served for propaganda-pichtures
    for headlines like "Our Heavy Tanks smash allied forces in Norway", of course without mentioning the fact, that the pictures shows the only two german heavies in norway.
    Three or four saw action in the first days of Operation Barbarossa and were not able to cope with the T26 and BT7 tanks of the soviets.
    The remainder were dismanteled an the Designation Pz V and Pz VI were used for Panther and Tiger.
    I apologise for any mistakes or weird/wrong words, but i am a german trying to remember his english-lessons.
    Greetings Bonny


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      I don`t know the right words, but I think the guy with the enormous but has stuffed his trousers to bolster it--is bolster right?. The black berets of the early uniforms were bolstered.
      The "ghost" in the middle is a guy in uniform, probably to fast for a old camera or there was a problem during the development of the picture


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        The Neubaufahrzeug was my thought, however, it's not the Krupp version.

        Panzerkampfwagen Neubaufahrzeug Ausf. B (Krupp) Nr.9 by deckarudo, on Flickr

        Nor is it the Rheinmetall variant!

        Note the differences in the suspension, no mount for the front, subsidiary turret and the sides look very different too.
        It's not one of the Grosstraktors either.


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          The third picture shows a Tatra T-III, a prewar Czech medium tank.


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            Originally posted by Pzkpfw-e View Post

            Looks like a prototype of the Skoda S-II-c ( T-21) Medium Tank to me!

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              Tatra TIII it is.
              Thanks guys!


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