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    Some of us members on Facebook Second World War pages provided some information for this article:
    Theo mir ist die munition ausgegangen ich werde diesen ramman auf wiedersehen uns in walhalla

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    Well, actually when the Christie tank was purchased by the Soviet Union Mikhail Tukhachevsky was commanding the Leningrad Military District and had virtually zero influence on tank armament and adoption of the Christie tank as BT tank series in particular. Neither he made decisive influence on transition from BT to T-34. I believe, Pavlov was the man who influenced the birth of T-34 by far more than Tukhachevsky.
    Then, the whole idea to view a fiction film as a sort of reference source on tank design history is slightly ridiculous. There are books for that.
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      "Fictional Russian heroes" is an interesting term. I wonder if author uses the same when it comes to American movies. I don't think so...
      Who is William Christie ? I only know Walker Christie.
      Tukhachevsky was arrested and exectued in 1938.
      Finally the main question is why the movie should mention Christie when it starts in 1941.
      There are no Nazis in Ukraine. Idiots


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        None of us gave the author the info on the American influence (or lack thereof) on the T-34. Just facts about armor, armament, engine, drivetrain, tracks, reliability and its combat role. I don't think he used much of what we wrote but he did seem to focus on the issue you 2 are writing about. The author asked on Thursday night and said his deadline was Saturday. Reporters always focus on anything controversial and sensationalize the subject. The fact he used virtually none of the info us forum members gave him is disrespectful.
        Theo mir ist die munition ausgegangen ich werde diesen ramman auf wiedersehen uns in walhalla


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