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Tracing my great-uncle's fate - please help?

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  • Tracing my great-uncle's fate - please help?

    July 21st, 1941. 12 Spitfires MkIIa of 19 Squadron took off from West Malling at 1955 hrs in company with 65 and 266 Squadrons with instructions to cover the retreat of a force of bombers from the French Coast. "B" Flight was in the lead and "A" Flight followed above and behind. Flying as 'Red 2', the wingman to "A" Flight's leader, was P/O Michael Duncan Tucker, my great-uncle.

    Approximately one hour later, in the area between Montreuil (West of Paris) and Saint Omer and still in his early twenties, my great uncle died.

    I want to find out more, down to the slightest detail. I know all of the above, which I learned by paying to download the relevant 19 Sqn combat report, and that my great-uncle is now buried in a german war cemetery in Becklingen. I know that F/O Harold Oxlin was also lost by 19 Sqn during the same combat, but was buried in the UK. Nobody in 19 Sqn saw what happened to either of them.

    I know that the enemy aircraft encountered were Bf 109Es and Fs, according to the pilots, although my historical knowledge would lend me to believe they would have been mostly, if not all, Fs. I know that the german aircraft involved will have been flying for either JG26 'Schlageter' or JG2 'Udet'. I know that Hans 'Assi' Hahn was in charge of JG2 at the time, flew with Stab.III/JG2 on the day in question and shot down one spitfire at 0850 in the morning and one at 2045 in the evening. Significant?

    I looked for 266 Sqn and 65 Sqn's combat reports, but the Public Records Office listings for those dates are, as I found out when I had bought them, for the 31st, not the 21st of July 1941 (dodgy handwriting on the original form). I therefore don't know if either Squadron lost or destroyed any aircraft during this combat.

    I cannot find any Luftwaffe records for 21/07/1941 - sorties flown, units involved, losses, anything - except for the note on a website dedicated to Hans Hahn that lists the kill he scored on 21/07/1941 as a Spitfire shot down at 2045 in the area of Watten (almost directly between Montreuil and St Omer).

    I want to find out more about this day and, in particular, put together the jigsaw of my Great-Uncle Michael's fate. I know it may turn out to be impossible to ascertain exactly who killed him, but I want to try. I also want to find out which Spitfire he was flying when he was killed (ID code QV/? and registration number) and the '109 that his victor was flying, if possible. Can anyone shed any light whatsoever on the events of that day, or recommend what my next step should be in finding out what happened?

    I have attached the pdf of 19 Sqn's combat report if anyone is interested in helping and wants to read the thing for themselves. There are more details included than I have listed here.

    Thanks in advance for any help whatsoever.

    Best regards,

    Tux/ Owen Tucker
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    The only thing I can think of is to check the Bundsarchiv for Luftwaffe records for that day. Good luck and I hope you can get a successful conclusion to your search.
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      Thanks RichardS. I have emailed the Bundesarchiv branch in Freiburg (where I believe military records are held) to ask if they can help.

      I was recently directed to this site which provides some useful tidbits regarding the machine Hahn may have been flying at the time:$Hans%20%27Assi%27%20Hahn/index.htm

      I am still following up a lead or two to try and determine whether Michael Tucker was Hahn's 33rd victory at all. Every new bit of info feels like a step forward though; closer to knowing the whole story.



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        I'm sorry that I have nothing useful to add to this thread - but the very best of luck with your quest to find out exactly what happened to your great-uncle!!!


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          You might be better off asking here.

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            Hptm. Johannes Seifert (#15) - Stab I./J.G. 26 - Spitfire - 20:25 - SW Ypern
            Hptm. Hans Hahn (#33) - Stab III./J.G. 26 - Spitfire - 20:45 - Watten
            Fw. GŁnther Seeger (#9) - Stab/J.G. 2 - Spitfire - 20:45 - 5 km SO Boulogne
            Uffz. Gottfried Dietze (#1) - 2./J.G. 26 - Spitfire - 21:00 - SW Cap Gris Nez


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              Thanks 101combatvet, I will do.

              Nagasadow, that's very useful, thank you very much! I think Hans Hahn was flying for Stab. III./JG 2 at the time, not JG 26. I also think that Johannes Seifert's kill (and the Stirling he claimed 15 mins later) may have been made at 0825 rather than 2025, or at least that's what I've read. Please correct me if I'm wrong.


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