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'Ton up Lancs'.

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  • 'Ton up Lancs'.

    I'm just in the middle of this book, it tells the story of over thirty Lancs that survived a hundred trips to nazi Germany. At least one Halibag completed a hundred ops too... which, of course, set me to thinking of you Damn Yankees.
    Did a Fortress or Liberator rack up a hundred ops, if so do you still have it in a museum? We have one of ours at RAF Hendon it's a bit of a special aeroplane...

    The long toll of the brave
    Is not lost in darkness
    Over the fruitful earth
    And athwart the seas
    Hath passed the light of noble deeds
    Unquenchable forever.

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    I had a quick look and found these sites. Does not say if any survived in museums:
    History is not tragedy; to understand historical reality, it is sometimes better to not know the end of the story.

    Pierre Vidal-Naquet


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