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    Someone asked in a forum which I'm having trouble locating about who Rommel's aide was in North Africa. His name was Hermann Aldinger. Rank: Hauptmann. He was not Rommel's aide during his entire tour in North Africa to the best of my knowledge, but he was with Rommel part of the time. I met him at his home in Ulm, Germany in August 1976. He gave me a picture of himself standing next to Rommel in North Africa. He was a friend of the Rommel family and was with Rommel in October 1944 when General Burgdorf showed up with the poison. I was introduced to him by Heinz Riedweg (Oberstleutnant), a friend of mine from Munich, who was General Steiner's aide-de-camp at the time of the German capitulation. My great-grandmother was a "Rommel" by birth and related to the "Wuestenfuchs".

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