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Abandoned Vehicles, Dunkirk, 1940..

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  • Abandoned Vehicles, Dunkirk, 1940..

    Images of Dunkirk, evacuation...

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    Originally posted by sniper1946 View Post
    Images of Dunkirk, evacuation...
    Yes, well there was certainly no hope of taking them with us was there!!
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      It would seem to me that the loss of artillery and associated towing equipment was the biggest loss to the British. The Expeditionary Corps abandoned almost all of their tanks but those vehicles were for most part antiquated and of marginal usefulness against Panzer III tanks.

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        Actually, almost all of the army's inventroy of the A9, A10, A13 and A13 MkII Crusiers were lost in France when the 1st Armoured division was pulled out. All the cruisers were capable of knocking out the Pz III and Pz IV with their 40mm main guns. On June 6th the 1st and 2nd Armoured divisions could count about 50 Cruisers and 25 Matilda II tanks in England with about 400 light Mk V and Mk VI tanks.

        It would only be Sept when new production brought numbers up to reasonable levels that 75 Cruisers and 50 "I" tanks could be spared to bring 7th Arm'd (in Egypt) up to strength. This left two armoured divisions (still under strength) and two "I" Tank bdes (each of only 2 reg'ts) in England.
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