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  • PBS D Day Special

    They should be rebroadcasting this. Excellent show on the development of Hobarts funnies, landing craft, and other technologies. Also some really GREAT demostrations, like a Teller mine blowing up a car!!!! Radio controlled model of a flail tank.

    First person interviews with survivors from both sides.

    Excellent show.

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    Same kind of deal on History Television in Canada. Starting 31 May, a week dedicated to D-Day.

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      This programme sounds remarkably like one which was shown a couple of weeks ago in the UK - on Channel 5. It was called "D-Day:The Ultimate Conflict". It's due to be shown on 6 June on the National Geographic Channel as "D-Day: Men and Machines". The programme was made by a UK company for NGC/Channel 5. Sadly, some of the information about the Horsa glider, and the reconstruction of Barkway and Boyle's flight to Pegasus Bridge, was incorrect.
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        The special sounds good. I wonder how many good PBS shows are not seen because so many people are watching Discovery Channel or History Channel or TLC. I am always on the look out for good programming. Thanks for the link!


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          did you you guys see the vet that claimed to be the first GI to get thru the wire belt on omaha. He was awfully proud of that.

          That's was a pretty good special. There should have been more Brits, Canadians and Germans, though.
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            Sounds great!!

            Sounds like a great a program I'll be watching it for sure!!


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              I'm sure in the next few weeks we'll have many documentaries to choose from on the History Channel, Discovery Channel, TLC, PBS, not to mention A&E's movie about "Ike" with Tom Selleck. I'm sure these will generate all lot of feedback on these forums.
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