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Was the Barbarossa plan altered from Hitlers original concept?

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    The decision to attack the USSR was not caused by hubris, it was caused by despair :the decision of Britain to continue the war had created a very dangerous situation for Germany and when the US would join, it was over for Germany .
    Germany had less than a year to destroy the British/American alliance and it decided to try to do this by eliminating the USSR .
    The quick defeat of France was only used ,after the decision was taken,to convince people who remained unconvinced,that Barbarossa would be a piece of cake.
    And,as usual, the German leadership finished with believing its own propaganda .


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      Originally posted by Drusus Nero View Post
      Let me get this right then....

      If the window of opportunity was small...VERY SMALL.....
      And if the invasion was launched resulting from a gigantic overestimation of werhmacht capabilities, (and a corresponding underestimation of Russian political strength)

      What, in the name of all things holy, what could have caused that hubris to begin with?...<snip>...
      Uh,... no. The German over confidence came first and foremost from their view of the Slavs, Bolshevism and Jews that they believed made up the population of eastern Europe and Russia in particular. They were already considered subhuman and the Red Army's performance in Finland only reinforced this view. It wasn't only the Nazi party and SS that bought into the racial views of the eastern populations but the army did as well.

      It didn't take long before the average German soldier began to realise they had been sold a bill of goods.
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