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Eastern Front Rail Gauge Conversion

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  • Eastern Front Rail Gauge Conversion

    A few questions on this topic for anyone who might know.

    As the Germans advanced into the USSR, they had to convert the railways from the Soviet gauge to the German gauge, which was an arduous process for them. Something I have not seen a lot of literature on is what the Soviets did as they took to the offensive and began recapturing territory. I assume they converted the gauge back? How well did they manage this task? I also know that the US supplied a lot of locomotives and rolling stock to them via Lend Lease. Were these compatible with Soviet track or did they require conversion? Finally, how far west did the Soviets manage to get their rail heads? To Warsaw or closer to the Oder?

    Thanks, and also to hello to all the old guard, been about 4 years since I posted last.
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    IIRC The Russians were the clever ones, they fitted a extra set of wheels so they could use either gauge.
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      Welcome back!
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        IIRC the Red Army had around 1 million men in its railway service.

        These links gives a little info.


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