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Very Good Doco's on WWII

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  • Very Good Doco's on WWII

    Good evening Gents,

    On youtube there is a gentleman by the moniker 'TIK' who has uploaded a series of quite good, well researched documentaries. I am just about theough his 9 1/4 hour long examination of the Crusader battle in Nov-Dec 41. I won't say I agree with all of his conclusions or approve of some of his sources but he makes extremely compelling arguments all the same. He doesn't spare either side in his criticisms of decisions made in the battle. Well worth the investment in time.

    He has a number of shorter examinations of other battles as well. Plenty to keep you busy and then discussing the content.

    The Purist

    Words ought to be a little wild, for they are the assault of thoughts on the unthinking - John Maynard Keynes.

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    Good find Over nine hours though

    Its annoying that YouTube doesn't remember where you were when watching the video over more than one occasion.


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      I've watched a bunch of his content and have had a few interactions with him with regards to his "sources".
      He is quite receptive to "oldtimers" like us that have valid suggestions to help him expand his level of knowledge.
      What an age we live in as historians (amateur or otherwise)!
      The availabilty of instantaneous communication is a facilitator which is the nexus of things to come.
      I'm pretty much known around the internet for pushing underexposed authors with valid statments.
      TiK took me up on it; bought the books, and we've had ongoing comunication ever since,
      This is a valid matter as with regards to advancing knowledge and repudiating BS.

      Hope you're doing well Gerry!

      All for now, Ron
      48 trips 'round the sun on this sh*tball we call home...and still learning...
      __________________________________________________ __________________


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        Thanks for the tip! I love finding new documentaries. I long for the good ole days when history channels actually showed history documentaries...

        I have an old Roku box that gets me access to some free history streams. Some of the content is limited but there's still some decent interesting stuff there too.


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