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Brave New World: did Britons of the post-WW2 generation feel defrauded by the result?

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    Early one morning I was out and about,
    i encountered an old man "of the generation we are talking about" walking towards me.
    I could see by his dermina that he was gonna stop me he duly did!
    "Sorry to disturb you sir could you possibly
    Spare some change"
    His voice was broken and he was ashamed
    I dug into his pocket and pulled out a hand full of shrapnel "no more than 4 or5 quid
    And poured it into his hand; he was shocked and made this sound that I can't describe as if he saw god or something!
    that sound shocked me and I walked away before he could thank me , I just couldn't take that!
    That story is about 20 years old I can still hear that sound that man made
    I love the land beneath my feet the place I was born
    My home but I hate my country a place where someone is considered better than me by accident of birth.
    I'm crying now.
    sorry If this is off topic it seemed relevant somehow.
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      With a little bit more editing ROOBARB good, and quite true! But even a revolution would not alter it there will always be the very rich and the very poor. Look back over the past 2000 years, see any difference? No of course not! lcm1
      'By Horse by Tram'.

      I was in when they needed 'em,not feeded 'em.
      " Youuu 'Orrible Lot!"


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