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German to English - Proposal for Information From NARA

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  • German to English - Proposal for Information From NARA


    I have a proposal for anyone who is interested. I have just returned from NARA at College Park, where most of the microfilmed German Army captured documents reside in this country. I am researching the activities of the 14, 16, and 24.Panzer-Divisions during the Battle of Stalingrad. I will probably end up concentrating on the 24.Panzer-Division. I am returning to NARA sometime after the 23rd of this month to do further research including the German Aerial Photographs held there.

    My proposal is this. My German is not good enough to translate the Ia daily action reports (quickly enough for me) found in the Kriegstagebuch of divisions, corps, armies, etc. If anyone who reads German will translate selected reports (probably sixty pages of short paragraphs), I will photograph information of the unit of your choice, or other information. I only require a rough translation, enough for me to understand the meaning of the entries. An entry would usually include the unit designation, day, time, actions (they went from here to there and did this) and future orders. A typical entry might be five to seven lines. There are military terms that may not be familiar, but I can translate those terms.

    If you are interested, send me a message and we can discuss it. If this is not the correct place for this topic, sorry.


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