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    Maybe this should go in the Sealion thread...

    The Defence of Britain Project
    The Defence of Britain Project, which ran from April 1995 to March 2002 under the auspices of the Council for British Archaeology, is now completed. In that time, nearly 20,000 twentieth century military sites in the United Kingdom were recorded by an army of some 600 volunteers. The final report on the project is now available online.
    The two databases developed by the Project can be searched on-line through the Archaeology Data Service at These databases are now fixed and will not be updated further, although the data has been distributed to the National Monuments Records and local Sites & Monuments Records throughout the UK and will be updated through their systems in the future.
    What was found?

    On the ground, the types of site or feature in which we were particularly interested included pillboxes, anti-tank obstacles (ditches, concrete obstacles, anti-tank roadblocks), beach defences, components of former road- and railblocks, infantry fieldworks and spigot mortars, petroleum warfare features (barrel flametraps, flame fougasses), obstructions against aircraft, and airfield defences.
    Includes lots of links, a number of articles including pointers on doing pillbox research and one on the German Channel Tunnel(?!).
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    This is a fascinating subject. I'll try and get photos of two very unsual pillboxes, which are not too far from me. I believe one doubled as a bus shelter, whilst the other was designed to look like a farm building: very much along the lines of the German strongpoints in Normandy.
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