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    Having just finished reading Craig W.H. Luther's book "Barbarossa Unleashed" in which he provided many unpublished excerpts from Wehrmacht soldiers diaries and letters home which he had translated for his book (the whole of all mostly all of these sources are in German text) there was a particular one which stood out and excerpts from this memoir were used more then any others in the book was the experiences of Dr. Heinrich Haape. Haape's memoirs were written and published in a book titled Moscow Tram Stop in German text but there were one or two English translated texts published some 50 years ago and they are very difficult to find and very expensive. Here is an example:

    I tried searching for a free PDF copy in English text with negative results but then I came across this:

    A few paragraphs down on this page you will find this:

    Finally, I have just completed work on a new book, which should appear in spring 2017. This is a new, fully annotated edition of the war memoir of Dr. Heinrich Haape, a German doctor assigned to Infantry Regiment 18 (6 ID) who made the long march to Moscow in late 1941 and experienced the harrowing retreat in the winter of 1941/42. He would serve in Russia until spring 1943, and become one of the most highly-decorated German doctors of the war.

    Dr. Haape's memoir of the first ten months of the Russo-German War was published by Collins in 1957 and, oddly enough, with the exception of a paperback which appeared in 1959 (Panther Books), has not be reprinted in English. Two German language editions have also been marketed (1980 and 1998 by the publisher Motorbuch Verlag.) Haape's memoir is quite remarkable, and all the more so because he provides the perspective of a doctor who, given the often fragile nature of the German front line, was often drawn into the fighting (particularly in the winter of 1941/42).

    I plan to add several posts from this blog to give the reader some insight into what Dr Haape's memoir has to offer. Title of the book is: "Moscow Tram Stop. A Doctor's Experiences with the German Spearhead in Russia--1941/42."
    So it seems this rare and remarkable book (judging from the excerpts I have read) will be available once again although I will have to wait until 2017

    Theo mir ist die munition ausgegangen ich werde diesen ramman auf wiedersehen uns in walhalla

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    Mr. Craig W.T. Luther, who I have recently befriended through the internet in which will hopefully be a long and constructive friendship will be making a trip to the Soviet Union next week (June 2016) to follow in the footsteps of Dr. Heirich Haape.

    The following I copy and pasted from his blog here :

    The Trip of a Lifetime for a Military Historian!

    Beginning 10 June, I will begin a journey that will take me from the Suwalki Triangle (in 1941 attached to East Prussia, now in NE Poland), across southern Lithuania, through Belarus and into Russia to the very outskirts of Moscow. I will be accompanied by the son of Dr Haape and a guide. The entire trip will be made by car. We will begin our journey from the precise point that Dr Haape's 6th Infantry Division crossed the Russo-German demarcation line at 3.15 hours, Sunday, 22 June 1941; from there, we will trace the direct route of Haape's 3rd Battalion, 18 Infantry Regiment (6 Inf.-Div.) to the Volga River west of Moscow and beyond.

    During first week of December 1941, as the German drive on Moscow collapsed due to sheer exhaustion, snow and arctic cold, Dr. Haape and an officer colleague drove in a vehicle to one of the forward most outposts of the German Army barely kilometers away from the Soviet capital. This outpost was very near the outermost terminal of the tram which led directly into Moscow; hence, the name of Haape's memoir, "Moscow Tram Stop."

    We have done prodigious amounts of research to reconstruct the march route of Haape's regiment, and along the way we hope to find the grave sites of some of his comrades. Most of these gravesites were destroyed by the Russians as they drove the Germans back in 1943/44, but some are in remote areas that may to this day have remained undisturbed despite the passage of 75 years.

    During our journey, we will meet with local dignitaries, local historians, eye-witnesses and others. We will take lots of photos (some of which I will post upon my return in early July), and perhaps even film our venture. The OVERARCHING PURPOSE of this journey is to hammer out the details for a very similar tour planned for June 2017; at that time, we hope to take a group of historians and journalists with us along the same route as a way to promote the publication of the first new English edition of Dr. Haape's memoirs since 1959! I have meticulously re-edited Haape's wonderful memoir of the first 10 months of the war with Russia, and added some 300 annotations and a dozen appendices (including a tranche of three dozen of Dr. Haape's letters which he sent from the front to his opera-singing fiancée between May 41 and May 42 -- that is, during the same period covered by his memoir).

    Sadly, relations between Russia and USA have now hit an all-time low since the end of the Cold War (how 'bout that Russian "reset" by Hillary Clinton!), so we will have to keep a low profile on our trip. During my first trip to Rzhev, Russia (May 2005), I was nearly beaten to death and was very lucky to survive. State-run media in Russia is marinated in xenophobia and anti-Americanism, which won't make our task easier.

    That said, both my colleague and I have a deep and abiding admiration for the Russian people, who have suffered so terribly over the centuries; and we hope that, through our efforts, we can make a small contribution to the reconciliation between former German and Russian enemies.

    If all turns out as expected, I will be back posting in first week of July. (I don't think I will have time or resources to post along the way, but if I can, I will try to.)
    Theo mir ist die munition ausgegangen ich werde diesen ramman auf wiedersehen uns in walhalla


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