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Reintochter SAM Missile

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  • Reintochter SAM Missile

    It's unbelievable how advanced the Nazi science was in the last months of WWII.

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    And the Allied


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      I read Speer's book, and he lamented the fact that he backed Hitler in giving the V-weapons priority over these babies.
      The reason being; one of these could have prevented 10 tons of bombs falling in Germany, while a V-weapon could only deliver about one tone of explosives on target... and not accurately.


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        Until you realize that all their guided missiles used what was essentially the same CLOS guidance system. That is, the same joystick system used with missiles like the Hs 293 or X-4 and X-7 were to be used for control. These were totally incapable of actually controlling a supersonic SAM missile to a target miles from launch.

        Also, the US started research on a SAM that became Nike 6/23/44 with a contract let to Bell Labs in 5/45 for its development.
        Boeing and the University of Michigan began studies at the same time for what would become CIM 10 BOMARC.

        As one should be able to see, the Allies were doing such research too but at a less determined and more considered pace than the Germans who were desperate for a war winning solution... A common thing that occurs when one is losing a war.

        Of the German SAMs in 1944 -45, Wasserfall was an uncontrollable ballistic missile and would never work (post war Soviet research with it pretty much conclusively confirms that), Rheintochter didn't get much beyond some test firings and was never really tried under control, Enzian was simply too small and more like trying to shoot down an airplane with an ATGM.
        X-4 Ruhrstal was completely impractical being a wire guided AAM (somewhere I actually calculated the weight of the guidance wires and the insane results that would have occurred trying to use those with an AAM). The US JB 3 Tiamat had more potential as a subsonic AAM. At least it was radar guided using beam riding or SA homing.

        So, while the Germans came up with some seemingly neat stuff towards the end of the war all of it was really impractical crap that was far too underdeveloped to have any useful impact on the outcome of the war.


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          The Rheintochter (note correct spelling) was one of the least successful German SAM projects as it could only reach about half the altitude of the other types under development. It could be easily avoided by high flying bombers and would not have stopped any bombs falling on Germany. In the end it was used as a test bed for guidance systems.
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