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    WW2 dive bomber pilot reaches 100: 'You never believe it's going to happen to you'

    A dive bomber pilot from WW2, who's 100 today, says he went though "many difficult battles" in almost 1,500 combat missions, but never felt he was going to be killed.

    Wing Commander Arthur Gill from Herefordshire commanded Number 84 dive bomber squadron and piloted Concorde during a career in which he flew more than 140 different types of planes.

    Out of 32 pilots on his initial training course, 31 were killed, but he was never afraid while flying.

    Strangely you have no fear because you never believe it's going to happen to you, it's always going to be someone else - that's how it is in the air force."
    Wing Commander Arthur Gill
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    That is how it is in any of the armed forces, it is always the other bloke but to say that there is never any fear is ridiculous, if there was no fear you would never take precautions and the odds are you would very soon become 'The other bloke'!!! lcm1
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