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A different view of the WW2

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  • A different view of the WW2

    An extensive, interesting and fantastic collection of color photos, many of them rare, showing aircraft and crews in action during WW2. These incredible pictures I share with you and can be viewed through the link below. Like me, I hope you will also be surprised and enjoy the photos.

    Best Regards!

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    Very nice! Thanks!

    Will no one tell me what she sings?--
    Perhaps the plaintive numbers flow
    For old, unhappy, far-off things,
    And battles long ago:
    -William Wordsworth, "The Solitary Reaper"


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      Muito Bom ! Obrigado Amigo

      Theo mir ist die munition ausgegangen ich werde diesen ramman auf wiedersehen uns in walhalla


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        Love all the names...

        Shagon Wagon
        Idioits Delight
        Poppys Pram
        Mission Belle
        Woodys Wagon
        Bad Penny
        Nine O Nine
        Lassie Come Home

        Notice the blonde woman with the camera phtographed atop a ship with the name "Peggy"?

        Scroll down to photo 15 of the collection...same ship..."The Flying Flit Gun". "Peggy" is a name appearing on an engine cowling of this ship.

        I always wanted a book descibing only nose art, and catalogueing the different names that occurred in every airforce.

        I note it seems to be an american 'thing'. Is this because americans had a little more affection for their machines, based on their known love of all things mechanical?

        Names for aircraft seem noticeably absent even in English circles. And a very nice photo of two lady "Night Witches" down further, looking happy and healthy to be there, with their wonderful PO-2s in the background.
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          Originally posted by Drusus Nero View Post
          Names for aircraft seem noticeably absent even in English circles.
          There you go...

          The long toll of the brave
          Is not lost in darkness
          Over the fruitful earth
          And athwart the seas
          Hath passed the light of noble deeds
          Unquenchable forever.


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