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Low capital business ideas: World War 2

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  • Low capital business ideas: World War 2

    Business ideas to leverage WW2 knowledge/hobby?

    With internet publishing services (eg. straight to kindle) it is becoming easier.

    Mine: producing WW2 comics- one would however, need to partner with a talented cartoonist.

    -sell posters, t-shirts with ww2 images.

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    My basic principle for a low capital idea is to target the universal human sentiment over the highly intellectual/educated or niche (eg. war games). I will register a LLC under the department of state.

    Something like patriotism/nationalism, fear/hate, blood lust, ambition/greed, fatalism, mechanical fetishism, and other shock/attention things, etc.

    Strong images work better to this effect that words.

    The cartoonist Garth Ennis has a series on WW2 comics- his method is to draw out a story and finish with a sucker punch. He is still publishing, which means that his content has some degree of success. But his grasp of WW2 history is pretty bad.
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      Originally posted by Cult Icon View Post
      ... But his grasp of WW2 history is pretty bad.
      You can do all you described & still sneak some good history in.

      I'd take a slightly different course & push the other wars. With the right iconography ect you can grad the audience just as well. SS Runes & Pattons face are not the only top sales hooks.


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