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Primary Sources, Official Documents, Battle Reports, etc

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    Hopefully an interesting adjunct to this thread, in this article by Dr D Morgan-Owen:-

    Circumstantial evidence is a very tricky thing. It may seem to point very straight to one thing, but if you shift your own point of view a little, you may find it pointing in an equally uncompromising manner to something entirely different.”

    - A. Conan Doyle, The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

    Assessing the validity, provenance and implications of original documents is a key requirement for the majority of historians. The discovery of ‘new’, forgotten or generally overlooked material is often very exciting to researchers. However, the value of such ‘finds’ can only truly be realised by situating them within a broader body of primary evidence. Doing so reduces the danger of mis-interpretation to which Arthur Conan Doyle refers in the above quoted passage. This post will examine how this can be achieved with reference to the ‘discovery’, contextualization and interpretation of an important series of war plans produced by the British Admiralty in early 1909.
    more here-


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      Thank you

      I am currently in a WWII with American Military U. I read the issues and scrolled acrossed this... thanks again.



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          A very interesting text;

          "Tank fighter team"

          Published in 1942 by the Infantry Journal, this book is an account of tank combat during the Invasion of France in 1940 written by Robert Marius Gueiroard, alias Robert M. Gerard, a French commander of a Somua S35 tank. The book tells of how Lt. Gerard and his unit were committed to battle against German tanks as part of a rearguard action, protecting the retreat of a French Infantry division. Following the fall of France, Lt. Gerard was able to escape to the United States where he helped train U.S. soldiers at Fort Knox in the basics of tank combat. This book should prove interesting to those looking for a first hand account of tank combat in France.

          I found this book on this website:

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            Lots of Facebook groups have been set up for individual U.S. divisions. Several of them have copies of docs they've scanned from the National Archives. one group for the 45th Infantry Division has tons of records including after action reports, monthly summary reports, war room journals, S-2 journals at the regiment and battalion levels, including artillery battalions, etc.


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                "Bir Hakeim An account of the fighting that occurred between 27 May and 11 June, 1942"

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                  Originally posted by lcm1 View Post
                  I sometimes wonder how accurate 'official' records re: WW2 are.I will give 2 for instances,I have recently stated that my L/C flotilla was instructed to land on Juno on D Day.A certain person associated with this forum checked on the carrier ship that carried us to Normandy and said no one from that ship landed on Juno, I without having anything to support me on which beach,conceeded the point but am still convinced that I was correct. The other instance is when the flotilla was reformed into a L/ infantry battalion,at least part of the 33rd was back in Belgium before Christmas 44 (which I was part of) but another record reader says NO you were not!! I admit that I am showing my age at times but I am not senile yet. lcm1
                  Actually, that must be disconcerting and surprysing all in one hit. to hear from total stangers a "No you wereen't over a location when you know darned well where you actually were!

                  Memory might be imperfect, but it suffers not from beaurecracracy and all the things that can and do go wrong with stored records.

                  And I suppose Ponter is correct also. What would we have to argue about if the records were 100%?

                  Good thread. I wish there were more stickys on other forums like it.
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                    Are you looking for captured documents or documents related to Allied operations? and in what conflict?...there are a wealth of sources available many you dont have to leave your home to access. I spend a tremendous period of time browsing the National Archives captured records collection. Unfortunately they are all microfilmed and you have to go to a place to access them. The National Archives in England contains a vast array of war documents regarding Germany and Italy including political as well as military. The German Federal Archives and the Bundeswehr Museum are very good. It all depends really on what your searching for.