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British Liberator bomber found

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  • British Liberator bomber found

    Members of the Army's celebrated Op Nightingale archaeology team have been working alongside RAF colleagues in Wiltshire to excavate the wreckage of a downed Liberator bomber. Richard Long reports.......The AL595 B-24 Liberator rolled off the production line in San Diego, California, and was delivered to Prestwick, Scotland, on 20 April 1942. The aircraft underwent a full modification upgrade on its main defensive armaments, including the fitting of new Browning-Colt machine guns and power turrets.
    On the evening of 6 November 1942, the plane took off from Prestwick en route to RAF Lyneham. In harsh winter conditions, the pilot fought for control of the Liberator as it approached its final destination but it nosedived at high speed and hit the ground before an explosion enveloped the crash site.
    All five British crew members were killed instantly.

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    There can't be much left of it, not after an impact like that.


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