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Islands of Destiny. John Prados. Review

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  • Islands of Destiny. John Prados. Review

    Completed a first read of this account of the 1942-44 battles across the Solomons & islands surrounding Raubal. This one looks like a good companion to Franks 'Guadalcanal' or Gambles 'Fortress Raubal'. Prados covers the larger series of campaigns within which Gambles & Franks descriptions are embeded.

    Prados leaves out much of the fine detail, covered elsewhere, and focuses on relatively new material. He continues the general trend on English language historians in using Japanese sources and providing a deeper analysis of the Japanese side of the story. He also draws a tighter picture of the signals intelligence & its influence on the commanders decisions. This goes far beyond lumping it all under 'code breaking' as Prados teases out some of differences and roles played by the signals analysts, traffic analysts, message analysts, codebreakers, ect...

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    Thanks for the review Carl, the book sounds interesting and I enjoyed Combined Fleet Decoded also by Prados. Sounds like a trip to the book store will be in my near future.

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      I am interested, also. I wonder if Alibris has it yet?
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