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  • China-Burma-India (CBI Theater

    I was exposed to the subject a number of years ago by a veteran of the 475th Infantry Regiment.

    He submitted a request for full recognition involving the Bronze Star Medal [with] the Combat Infantryman badge (CIB) for his participation as an infantryman against the enemy.

    The Army denied the veteran based on his MOS as a dog handler.

    Further research revealed members of other units involved with battles during the campaign were also not recipients of the two identified items.

    Members of the 475th Infantry Regiment fought alongside of members of the 124th Cavalry Regiment who are recipients of same. Obviously, a cavalryman did not possess the MOS of an infantryman.

    According to guidelines dated 1943, and 1944, all Army combatants against the enemy are entitled. Regardless of MOS.

    The earlist AR mentioning the requirement was 1951. The act was performed during the period of 1941 to 1945.

    The veteran has died without full recognition by his country.

    When is justice going to be served for these veterans and next of kin?


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    Soviet Alsib pilots, although decorated with military medals, weren't recognised as war veterans in the USSR due to Cold War.
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