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Astrology and World War 2

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  • Astrology and World War 2

    I've been reading stuff about how Hitler relied on Astrology in WWII to make decisions in Warfare in various sites. I decided to do some research and its apparent not only are there claims Hitler frequently used Astrological forecasts in decision-making but Churchill also used Astrologers for assistance in asking decisions!,2933,334728,00.html

    Expect this thread to be VERY ACTIVE and expand into over 10 Pages as I'm a serious Astrologer (soon to be a diehard one)!

    Oh I know its unlikely but do any of you know recommendations on books about Astrology and its involvement in World War 2?

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    From the UK National Archives
    Louis de Wohl (KV 2/2821)

    De Wohl was a Hungarian astrologer and author who came to the United Kingdom in 1935 and spent much of the war in official employment on propaganda work for the Special Operations Executive (SOE), the Political Warfare Executive (PWE) and other agencies. The work was based on the assumption that Hitler was heavily influenced by his own astrologer, so that by employing their own prominent astrologer, the British could sway his thinking.

    This reconstituted and heavily weeded file throws some official light for the first time on de Wohl's activities, about which he published an account in 1952. The first volume of the file was destroyed by fire in 1940, but the second volume opens in 1940 and continues to 1952. Principally, it consists of the Security Service's efforts to monitor de Wohl's activities and ensure that he did not become a security threat. The file is full of reports from people who met him and decided that he was a fraud and charlatan, mixed in with exasperated comments regarding senior officials who sought him out for astrological advice.

    The file reveals how de Wohl had agreed to pass details of those who consulted him, and on what matter, to the War Office. The file minute at serial 131a (February 1942) is typical of the concerns de Wohl's case raised: "De WOHL is somewhat of a thorn in my side…a complete charlatan with a mysterious, if not murky past…struts about in the uniform of a British Army Captain and gives every reason for believing that he is in some secret employment…he is likely to be guided solely by his vanity…there is no case for interning him…if…left at large it is essential that we should keep a close tag on him…"

    The file contains numerous astrological reviews and forecasts by de Wohl on the prosecution of the war (for example serial 201b), though much of it is concerned with de Wohl's difficulties obtaining a ration book, given his peculiar legal status in the UK (he was entitled to neither a military nor a civilian one), and efforts to resolve this issue for him. The file includes a poor-quality copy of de Wohl's aliens registration card with photo.
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      I know he did. Ol' Adolf was as bad as Nancy Reagan, or worse.
      This bass guitar kills TERRORISTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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        I thought Churchill enlisted Crowley to misdirect astronology and occult practices to fox Hitler/the SS/the Ahnenerbe/whoever was listening?
        Too many comic books on my part, probably.
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          Ol' Alastair himself?
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            himmler,one of the vilest of the scum buckets in jackboots, was an avid believer in all this bollocks if memory serves?
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              Seems obvious already that your premise is incorrect. Rather than Churchill believing, he/the British were using one-nut's beliefs against him.

              If stupid was a criminal offense Sea Lion believers would be doing life.

              Shouting out to Half Pint for bringing back the big mugs!


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