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    My cousin is deep into WWII. He's given me two books on it. It has got me into U-Boats, Subs, etc. Any lists of subs in WWII-any country, I'd appreciate. I can't mention the title of my books. I'm going to give them to someone here. He'd enjoy them. But one is definitely about a U-Boat.
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    reb: PM me with your email...I'll send you a list of IJN subs.

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      Okey dokey. Thanks.
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          Cool. Thank you T.A.
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              Originally posted by T. A. Gardner View Post
              One of my favourite sites about naval warfare! Detailed info about German subs, lots of info about allied warships (subs included). I'm proud of being one the (very) modest contributors to this website.
              Unfortunately, no info about Italian and Japanese submarines here (some info about these is here and here).

              some info about German uboats can be found here as well:
              from this site you can download 1939 - April 1940 (only) war diaries of the uboats (Kriegstagebuch) - in German.

              Wonderful site about Soviet submarines (sorry, it's in Russian):
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                Rebpreacher-In 2006 I personally visited the former main United States Navy W.W.2 " submarine base in Fremantle, Western Australia-or what remains of it.
                This was the place from whence mainly U.S. subs supported by Royal Netherlands Navy subs like ''Zwardvisch'' and British subs sallied foth to attack Japanese shipping.
                A book that I purchased in the Western Australian Maritime Museum - which is right next to the ramps from whence the U.S. subs sallied forth tio decimate the merchant ships of the Japanese Empire is called ''''FREMANTLE'S SECRET FLEETS'' by Lynne Cairns. ISBN 0 7309 6432 9 .
                This lists and detalis every U.S. Pacific fleet sub and Dutch and Royal Navy sub who operated out of Fremantle from 1942-45.
                Appendix One of this great book lists the 125 American subs by name -ranging from ''ANGLER'' & ASPRO TO 'TUNA.
                The book Appendice also lists the 30 Royal Navy subs operating out of Fremantle ranging from ''Clyde'' to ''Tudor'' and the 14 Dutch subs like 'Zwardvisch'' and ''Tigjerhaii''.
                The book also has lavish sepia photographs of the subs, crewmen and buildings in Fremantle associated with the U.S.N Pacific sub campaign.
                But the actual berths where they departed from is rather disappointing -when I was there in 2006 the submarine marking the connection was an Australian sub dating from 1980. I would have thought that the U.S government must have had mothballed someplace a W.W. 2 U.S sub? to put on display?.
                Your friend could also contact the Western Australian Maritme Museum at Cliff Street, Fremantle, 6160 Western Australia (Sorry the Book doesn't give an E-Mail address) So, if your friend wants to acquire the book then he can contact them.
                Good luck!.


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                  Thank you very much guys. And that story is exciting Toom Thank you.
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